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Product Code: 9270000
Related Product: MC6
CN-Code: 90318080

he Beamex MC6 is a high-accuracy field calibrator that offers calibration capabilities for pressure, temperature, and various electrical signals. It is also a multi-bus field communicator for fieldbus instruments. The main purpose of this page is to help you find suitable accessories to your MC6 calibrator. For more information on the MC6, please visit our website.

Accessories and spare parts for MC6

Batteries and chargers
Communication cables
Test leads and plugs – filter by connector type
All product-specific accessories and spare parts
Pressure calibration

External Pressure Modules EXT
Pressure calibration pumps
Dirt and moisture traps
Pressure hoses – filter by pressure rating
Pressure fittings – filter by pressure fitting type
See also Pressure fittings guide for more information on the fitting types
Temperature calibration

Temperature sensors
thermocouple leads and plugs
for automatic temperature calibrations, we recommend MC6-T

Service portal for calibration and repair services
Support portal for support requests
Training services
Calibration management software

Beamex CMX
Beamex LOGiCAL

Standard accessories

A variety of accessories are included in the standard delivery. Most of the standard accessories can also be found from webshop as spare parts.

USB Type-A to Type-B communication cable (MC calibr.) (8036700)
Battery charger, including power supply BC15 for MC6 (8081755) and country-specific power cord (link)
Battery pack MC6, Li-ion, installed (8081785)
Test leads and clips
test leads, Banana male to Banana male (8066800)
test clips, pincer clip to Banana female (8066810)
test clips, alligator clip to Banana female (8066811)
test leads, TC to Banana male (8036820)
User guide, multiple languages available
Accredited calibration certificate, request a copy in pdf format

Software and hardware options

The MC6 is a configurable product and the capabilities of the calibrator can be expanded with software and hardware options. Options can also be purchased for existing calibrators. Please note that hardware options can only be installed at Beamex or authorized partners.

Software options

communicator options for HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus or Profibus PA allow the calibrator to be used as multibus communicator. All three options can be installed to the same unit.
Data Logger user interface mode is optional functionality
various controller communication options are available for external pressure controllers and temperature dryblocks, enabling fully automatic pressure and temperature calibrations
Mobile Security Plus technology ensures calibration data integrity
Hardware options

3 internal pressure modules and a barometric module can be installed into the MC6, please see MC6 brochure for available modules
if communicator options for FOUNDATION Fieldbus or Profibus PA are purchased, Fieldbus Hardware Capability must be installed to the calibrator (9270560)

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