LC-XD1217PG Lead Acid Battery – 12V, 17Ah

Panasonic Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery

The Panasonic 17Ah tough valve-regulated rechargeable lead-acid battery has a nominal voltage of 12V. It has a lead-acid chemical composition with M5 bolt/nut and threaded post terminals. The battery is designed to provide outstanding performance in withstanding overcharge, over-discharge and resisting vibrations as well as shock. The compact size of the battery saves installation space while providing full and reliable power.

Features and Benefits

Exceptional deep discharge recovery
High power density
high-quality and reliability
Long service life
Maintenance-free operation
No corrosive gas generation
Quick chargeability
Expected trickle design life is 10 to 12 years
Flame retardant battery case resin


Emergency lighting
Energy storage
Engine starters
Lawn and garden tools
Telecom back-up power supplies


UL94 HB approved

Attribute Value
Capacity 17Ah
Nominal Voltage 12V
Dimensions 181 x 76 x 167mm
Terminal Type M5
Construction AGM
Weight 5.9kg
Eurobat Classification 10 to 12 Years
Operating Temperature Range -15 → +50°C


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