Electric Lab Mobile Solutions

If you have to do regular tests or maintenances on very heavy or firmly installed electrical devices, the mobile test – and service stations of hera could be effective helpers. They offer the same flexibility than the PROFI benches, as all components like racks, instruments, shelves and accessory are available for the mobiles. You will appreciate to have all tools and instruments with proper media supply always within your convenient reach. Handle bars and easy running casters for all applications ensure easy and safe transportation.


  • PROFI Cart, Standard and ESD
  • PROFI Mobile (modular combinable with Shelves, 19“ Racks, etc.)
  • PROFI and EASY Mobile Cord Holder
  • EASY Cart and EASY Storage Cart
  • EASY Cabinet Mobile and Storage Cart for Training Systems
  • FLEX Mobile (modular combinable with Swivel Shelves, Storage Bin Supports, etc.)
  • 19″ Cassette Racks and Module Racks
  • 19″ Racks, Carrying Cases, 19″ Drawers, Keyboard Drawers
  • Mains Panel, Socket Panels, CEE Sockets, Pressured Air and IT Interfaces
  • Continuity Tester, Soldering / Desoldering St., Isolated Transformer, RCL Decades
  • AC Sources, Motor Tester, Frequency Converter, Meter Tester, Load Resistors
  • Laboratory Power Supply, High Performance Power Supply, Function Generators and Multimeters
  • Oscilloscope, Calibrators, Device Tester, Subracks and Shelf Unit.


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