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A dry block calibrator is a temperature calibration instrument used to verify and calibrate temperature sensors and thermometers. It consists of a temperature-controlled block that provides a stable and uniform temperature environment.

Unlike liquid bath calibrators that use a liquid medium, dry block calibrators use solid metal blocks to achieve precise and stable temperatures. By placing the sensor or thermometer in contact with the block, technicians can compare and adjust the readings to ensure accurate temperature measurement in various applications.

Savok MC6-T temperature calibrator

The Savok  MC6-T is an extremely versatile portable automated temperature calibration system. It combines a state-of-the-art temperature dry-block with Savok MC6 multifunction process calibrator and communicator technology.

Beamex MC6-T temperature calibrator

Savok FB Field Temperature Block

TheSavok FB is a dry block made for industrial field use that is small and light enough to carry around the plant. Use the Savok FB to calibrate your temperature sensors and temperature loops.

You can use the FB by itself, or combine it with a Beamex MC6 family calibrator for automated calibration.

Beamex FB Field Temperature Block

Savok MB Metrology Temperature Block

The Savok MB is a temperature-dry block that delivers excellent accuracy while remaining portable. Use the Savok MB to calibrate temperature sensors and temperature loops.

You can use the dry block by itself or combine it with a Beamex MC6 family calibrator for automated calibration.

Beamex MB Metrology Temperature Block

Savok RPRT Smart Reference Sensor

Savok RPRT reference sensors are high-accuracy reference temperature sensors with built-in memory for storing the individual probe coefficients. It boasts excellent quality and long-term stability.

These high accuracy probes are perfect to use with Beamex temperature blocks and calibrators The RPRT sensor is available as straight or 90 degree bent versions.

Beamex RPRT Smart Reference Sensor