The safest choice for hazardous areas

The Savok MC6-Ex is the world’s most accurate intrinsically safe field calibrator and communicator. It is ATEX, IECEx, and North American certified and can be used in all hazardous areas. It offers calibration capabilities for pressure, temperature, and various electrical signals, and can be used as a multi-bus communicator for fieldbus instruments.

Intrinsically safe

The MC6-Ex is an ATEX, IECEx, and North American-certified calibrator and communicator. It can be used safely even in the most demanding hazardous areas.

High accuracy

The MC6-Ex is a reliable and stable calibrator with unmatched accuracy for demanding industrial conditions. Each MC6-Ex is delivered with a traceable, accredited calibration certificate as standard as proof of its accuracy.

Advanced functionality

Although the MC6-Ex is an intrinsically safe calibrator, there are no compromises when it comes to functionality. It offers calibration capabilities for pressure, temperature, and various electrical signals and includes a multi-bus communicator. The MC6-Ex offers a lot of useful features that support your calibration process and it can even perform fully automatic calibrations.

Enhanced usability

The MC6-Ex offers several intuitive user interface modes that are optimized for different use cases and available in multiple languages. The calibrator guides you step-by-step in your calibration work.

Field communicator

The MC6-Ex contains a multi-bus field communicator for HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, and Profibus PA protocols to calibrate, configure, and trim your smart instruments. All three protocols can be enabled simultaneously.

Digital data flow

The MC6-Ex is a documenting calibrator that communicates with Beamex calibration management software, enabling a fully digitalized calibration process.

The safest choice

If you use a non-Ex calibrator in hazardous areas, you spend time and effort on hot work permits and using gas detectors – an intrinsically safe calibrator is an easier and safer choice.

The MC6-Ex is ATEX, IECEx, and North American-certified for use in every zone or division, so you can take it to Zone 0, 1, and 2 (Division 1 or 2).

The MC6-Ex is the safest choice for all your hazardous areas.

Ready for the field

The MC6-Ex is a multifunction process calibrator and field communicator in one device, meaning you have less to carry in the field.

Being an intrinsically safe device with excellent Ex rating, the MC6-Ex makes your life easier as you don’t need to worry about additional safety features.

The robust IP65-rated dust and waterproof casing and integrated impact protectors make the MC6-Ex ideal for use in wet and dusty environments subject to wide temperature variations.

The smart battery pack is field replaceable and can be charged inside or outside the calibrator. The MC6-Ex offers a large (5.7”) multilingual touchscreen user interface that can be easily used with bare fingers, gloved hands, or any stylus.

User interface modes

A calibrator should have advanced functionality yet remain easy to use, which is why the MC6 offers several user interface modes that are optimized for different use cases. For example, if you only want to measure something quickly and easily, use the Meter mode. If you want to perform automatic calibrations, use the Documenting Calibrator mode.

Beamex MC6 advanced process calibrator


Documenting Calibrator

The Documenting Calibrator mode is designed for the documented and automated calibration of process instruments.

In today’s process plants, calibrations often have to be documented – without a documenting calibrator, this must be done manually, which takes a lot of precious time and is prone to errors.

With the Documenting Calibrator mode, the calibration process is guided, and the calibrator can automatically set the calibration points and document the results.

The Documenting Calibrator mode also works together with calibration management software.

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