Superior metrological performance

The MC6-T provides superior metrological performance and accuracy for temperature and electrical calibrations. The active multizone (triple/dual) temperature control technology ensures an excellent temperature gradient. Each MC6-T is delivered with a traceable, accredited calibration certificate as standard as proof of its accuracy.

Stable and safe

The MC6-T uses advanced, patented methods for following stability, ensuring that only stable temperature readings are used even in demanding industrial environments or with fluctuating mains voltage. It also includes several patented safety features.

Advanced functionality

The MC6-T offers versatility that no other temperature calibrator can match, providing calibration capabilities for temperature, electrical signals, and even pressure. The MC6-T150 and MC6-T660 provide temperature range from -30 to 660 ⁰C and can perform fully automatic calibrations. Most measurement functions can be used with the rechargeable battery without mains voltage connected.

Field communicator

The MC6-T contains a multi-bus field communicator for HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, and Profibus PA protocols to calibrate, configure, and trim your smart instruments. All three protocols can be enabled simultaneously.

Digital data flow

The MC6-T is a documenting calibrator that communicates with Beamex calibration management software, enabling a fully digitalized calibration process.

Ready for the field

The MC6-T is unique in terms of the functionality it provides in one device, meaning you have less to carry in the field.

The calibrator is designed to remain accurate even in varying environmental conditions or with fluctuating mains voltage.

The patented temperature control algorithm provides fast heating and cooling without overshoots, improving efficiency and saving time.

The MC6-T includes several unique safety features, such as a tilt sensor, warning light, and standalone overheat protection.

A better way to calibrate

Temperature calibrations are quite slow by nature, but the MC6-T helps you calibrate more efficiently.

The extensive built-in process calibrator and advanced group calibration feature enable fully automatic documenting calibration of multiple temperature instruments simultaneously.

Even with automatic calibration, low calibration uncertainty is guaranteed since the MC6-T ensures that only stable temperature readings are used and the active multizone temperature control technology compensates for the heat loss caused by the temperature sensors installed in the insert.

As a truly multifunctional device, the MC6-T can also be used for accurate electrical and pressure calibrations.

Digital data flow

The MC6-T is a documenting calibrator that digitally captures data at source and ensures a secure data flow between the calibrator and Savok LOGiCAL or CMX calibration management software.

As a communicator, it even enables digital communication with smart field instruments. The seamless data flow between products delivers efficiency and high-quality data.

Use calibration management software to manage what, how, and when to calibrate, and execute the calibration with the MC6-T according to your pre-configured calibration procedure – even fully automatically. Maintain the full calibration history in LOGiCAL or CMX.

This solution provides accurate measurements and traceable, reliable, and reusable data that can be used for analysis, reporting and calibration certificates.

Sustainable by design

Sustainability is a core component of the Savok design philosophy. We want you to continue using your calibrators for many years, so they are designed to have a long service life and to be as easy as possible to repair, maintain, and upgrade.

Our world-leading experts can help you to get the most out of your calibrator throughout its entire lifecycle with calibration and repair services, training, and calibration consultancy.  

To meet your changing needs, our products are constantly evolving. Firmware updates provide new features or performance improvements, and you can also upgrade your existing products with new modules or software functionalities. Accessories are quickly and easily available in the Savok webshop.

User interface modes

A calibrator should have advanced functionality yet remain easy to use, which is why the MC6-T offers several user interface modes that are optimized for different use cases. For example, the Temperature Calibrator mode is made for quick and easy temperature generation and measurement. If you want to perform automatic documented calibrations, use the Documenting Calibrator mode.

Beamex MC6-T temperature calibrator user interface

Temperature Calibrator

The Temperature Calibrator mode is optimized for quick and easy usage of temperature generation and measurement.

The desired temperature can be quickly entered using the virtual numerical keyboard. The internal or external reference sensor can also be easily measured.

The temperature values can be displayed in numerical or graphical view.

Additional channels can be measured simultaneously.

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