Digital Flow of Calibration Data

Utilize a calibration solution with a fully digital flow of calibration data for improved efficiency and data quality.

Smart data analysis

Data is your most valuable asset. An optimal calibration solution captures data digitally at the measurement source and ensures secure data flow between products and systems.

A completely digital flow of traceable and reliable calibration data throughout your business improves efficiency, increases safety and ensures compliance. 

Use your high-quality data to drive continuous improvement. Analyze trends, optimize maintenance procedures, increase traceability, adapt to change and deliver compliance. Data-enabled decision-making helps your whole team to work smarter.

The benefits of a digital flow of calibration data

Beamex MC6-T temperature calibrator

Improve efficiency

Streamlined and automated calibration typically eliminates 50% of the time spent on the end-to-end calibration process. Minimize duplicate work with connected systems. Data-enabled decision-making helps your whole team to work smarter. 

Increase safety

The secure flow of digital data minimizes human typing errors. High-quality calibration data is critical to ensure end-product quality. Identify problematic trends before they lead to failures and cut downtime. Rely on a calibration solution that evolves to meet your changing needs. 

Intrinsically safe calibrator and communicator - Beamex MC6-Ex

Ensure compliance

Guided calibration ensures a consistent and repeatable process every time. Deliver regulatory compliance with reliable and traceable data and enhance audit efficiency. Ensure calibration data integrity even when executing calibrations offline. 

Experience a better way to digitalize with Savok

The core elements of Savok calibration solutions are calibration management software and documenting field calibrators communicating seamlessly. The secure flow of digital data between products minimizes human typing errors and duplicate work.

Savok LOGiCAL or CMX calibration management software can be used for managing instrumentation assets and their calibration procedures. The MC6 family of documenting calibrators or the bMobile Calibration Application can execute calibrations in the field and capture data at source. Savok field solutions guide you step by step according to predefined procedures, ensuring consistency every time.  

Calibration results are permanently stored in the calibration management software to give you a full calibration history. You get accurate measurements and traceable, reliable, and reusable data that can be used for analysis, reporting and calibration certificates.

With Savok Business Bridge, CMX can be connected to leading maintenance management systems, such as SAP or IBM Maximo, so you can create a completely digital flow of calibration data throughout your business.