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odular and versatile

CENTRiCAL is a modular and versatile solution that can be tailored according to your specific needs and is suitable for a wide variety of applications.


The bench height can be electronically adjusted and all equipment ergonomically located for maximum comfort and efficient working.

Easy to configure

The modular design and ready-made packages make it easy to configure your CENTRiCAL workshop calibration solution according to your specific needs.

Electrostatic discharge protected

All components in the CENTRiCAL workshop calibration solution are protected against electrostatic discharge (ESD), so it is safe to handle ESD-sensitive items on the bench.

Ready calibrated

All the relevant modules in CENTRiCAL are calibrated before delivery and come with a calibration certificate, so you can start using the solution immediately.


A better way for workshop calibration

CENTRiCAL is a high-accuracy workshop calibration solution that provides accurate measurements and low calibration uncertainty. All relevant modules are delivered with a calibration certificate, ensuring your calibrations are traceable.

The MC6-WS workshop calibrator documents your calibrations without any manual typing or need for pen and paper, and automatically performs error calculation and pass/fail analysis.

CENTRiCAL is the most ergonomic solution for workshop calibration available today. All equipment is within easy reach, the bench height is electrically adjustable for maximum comfort, and the lighting ensures effective and safe working.

CENTRiCAL is available in calibration bench, calibration trolley, and tabletop calibration case configurations.

Modular versatility

The modular design makes CENTRiCAL versatile and easy to configure according to your needs, with the ability to add or replace modules as needed.

Available modules include the MC6-WS workshop calibrator, automatic and manual pressure generation modules, and pressure measurement modules.

Other options include mains (AC) power supplies, DC power supplies, multimeters, soldering stations, oscilloscopes, function generators, and much more.

You can further enhance your CENTRiCAL workshop calibration solution with a wide variety of accessories.

Let’s design your dream workshop!

Establishing a calibration workshop is a large project that can include many interrelated tasks an requires robust project management.

Our workshop calibration experts can give you advice, and we can help you define, deliver and adopt your unique solution, based on our vast experience with demanding customers globally.

Choose the right solution for you

Beamex CENTRiCAL Calibration Bench


The Savok CENTRiCAL calibration and test bench is available as a straight bench and as a corner bench version.

Calibration trolley, Beamex CENTRiCAL

CENTRiCAL trolley

The Savok CENTRiCAL trolley is equipped with wheels, an adjustable shelf, and a lockable drawer unit for storage.

Beamex Centrical tabletop calibration solution

CENTRiCAL tabletop case

The Savok CENTRiCAL tabletop case is a convenient solution if you already have tables in your workshop.

CENTRiCAL bench options

Motorized bench

CENTRiCAL M is a two-meter-long bench with electronically adjustable height.

Motorized corner bench

CENTRiCAL CM is a corner bench with electronically adjustable height.

Fixed height bench

CENTRiCAL F is a two-meter-long bench with fixed height.

Fixed height corner bench

CENTRiCAL CF is a corner bench with fixed height.


Calibration management software

Savok CMX

Calibration Management Software helps you to manage your instrumentation assets safely


LOGiCAL Calibration Management Software helps you to manage your instrumentation assets easily and affordably.

CMX Analytics Dashboard

Savok CMX Calibration Management Software is your company’s most valuable calibration asset.

Savok Business Bridge

Business Bridge is a commercial configurable off-the-shelf solution for connecting Beamex CMX Calibration


MC6 family calibrators

Savok MC6

Execute calibrations automatically, capture data digitally at source, and store calibration results securely.

Savok MC6-Ex

The Savok MC6-Ex is the world’s most accurate intrinsically safe field calibrator and communicator.

Savok MC6-T

MC6-T combines a state-of-the-art temperature dry block with built-in multifunction process calibrator and communicator technology.

Savok MC6-WS

MC6-WS is a high-accuracy, panel-mounted workshop calibrator and communicator, that combines advanced functionality with ease-of-use.